Death Dance

by Violent Party

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Second Violent Party 7" released in February 2012. Portland, Oregon U.S.A.


released February 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Violent Party Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Death Dance
The tribe is around the fire
Dancing in the night
War will rage tomorrow with the morning light
Blood will spill on the streets, watch as the people die
Lastly come the bombs that drop down from the sky

Take a second glance
This is your only chance
Don’t be fooled by them into doing the…
Death dance

You can see the destruction
Right before your eyes
Death and mutilation
Covered up with lies

Are we progressing?
Or regressing?
The problems continue to grow and they steer us all off of track
Counter productivity consumes the human race
Blinded by the power that holds us all in place
Track Name: Eternal War
I sit and watch my daughter
I wonder what awaits her future
With all of this mass genocide and war
Systematic oppression and the religiously insane
I only tell her the truth, despite its vile discretion
Because I don’t want her to develop the systematic obsession
What about the children?
What have we left for them that is worth living for?
What about the children?
Left to fight in this eternal war.
I whisper to my daughter,
“Don’t play into their game.
I’m sorry that this is all that is left.”
I will always try to hide her away from the pain
Children in the third world are starving
Taxes we pay are financing slaughter
Everyone can act like everything is fine,
But I will not lie to my daughter
Material possessions, institutionalized by education
Drones created by the people in power, divided into nations
Pray to their God to solve problems, when their system begins to fail
Dissenters from this formula are captured, killed, or thrown into jail
I love my little girl, I will not lie to her like you
Call me a bad father, but my kids will know the truth