Ex Libris

by Violent Party

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released April 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Violent Party Portland, Oregon

Our new 7" 'Sinusoidal Limitations' is out now on Rust and Machine Records.

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Track Name: Useless Fuckers / Theoretical Propositions
Useless Fuckers:

Estranged from the future
Yet indefatigably pursue
The endless nightmare, impending doom
What doesn’t matter cannot be

Theoretical Propositions:

Are you conscious of your existence?
Can you be sure that it is real?
Uniformed awareness, programmed to feel
Heuristic decisions cannot render fate
Collective delusions define the realm, is it too late?

Theoretical Propositions, concepts brought to life through the mind
To travel near the speed of light, to render all displacement before time
Track Name: Autodidacticism / Ex Libris

I am just so angry
Action that make no sense
Cyclically we’re all shit on
At our own expense
Saving face turned plastic surgery
And you’re still due for reconstruction
If your life were up to you,
Would you be able to function?
It’s important to know much,
It’s the last long standing weapon
Damnation has no chance
If we teach ourselves the lessons

Ex Libris:

You have a brain so use it
It can all be done
To feel small is useless
And it’s no fucking fun
The world can change today
It’ll change again tomorrow
All you need is you,
No need for hope to borrow
Tell them to fuck off
No need to articulate
They wouldn’t understand
No need to contemplate
They’ll bring reprimand
No need dictating fate
If it’s already happened
Then surely it’s too late

What of today?
Tomorrow, so what?
I will always love you three.